Call for takeout and daily specials: (715) 353-3003

Served with your choice of fries, wedges, tater tots, sweet potato fries, with coleslaw or cottage cheese and a slice of rye toast. Add a side salad for 3.00.

Chicken Wing Dinner

Seven chicken drummies served your choice of spicy or original.  13.99

Shrimp Dinner
One pound of lightly breaded, delicious shrimp deep fried to perfection.  14.99

Cod Dinner
Three pieces of premium-cut cod loins with a sweet delicate flavor. Order it grilled or deep fried.  12.99

Homemade BBQ Ribs
Slow-baked and fall-off-the-bone good! Served Thursday and Saturday only.  15.99

*Consuming undercooked or raw animal food increases the risk of illness. Any burger or steak cooked under medium poses a greater risk of illness and will only be served at the request of the customer.